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TBM Kingdom Kids

" C O M I N G   S O O N   ! ! ! "

TBM Kingdom Kids'
is an organization that provides an after school program to the local schools and community. We believe that empowering our children, empowers our future. We work hand-in-hand with our Parents and the Schools to empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We provide a safe haven and positive environment for your children after school and before dinner.

We choose to provide an after school program to the local schools and the community as another avenue to invest in our upcoming future; our children. By providing structured academic enrichment program that will allow the children to explore their interest, as well as, sharpen their reading and math skills. This facility serves children from six years of age to twelve years of age.

Keys To Success
  1. high quality academic enrichment program
  2. safe learning environment
  3. structured activities and projects
  4. healthy snacks
  5. supervision and guidance by our caring and qualified staff that assist children in developing their academic skills and talents.

~ Empowering the Children  -- Empowers Our Future ~